Alpha HW110S Table Saw: Belt Information and Tensioning Instructions

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If you're experiencing issues such as a loss of cutting power, the blade stopping during cuts, the motor bogging down mid-cut, or hearing belt squeal or screeching at startup with your saw, it's likely that the belt needs to be tensioned. This adjustment can help resolve these performance issues effectively.

Important Safety Precautions:

**CAUTION:** Ensure the machine is OFF, unplugged, and fully discharged before attempting any maintenance to avoid electrical hazards.

To properly tension the belt, follow these steps based on the guidance in the latest manual:

  1. Access the Manual
  2. Locate the Bolt
    • Refer to page 22, figure 31 in the manual to identify the specific bolt used for tensioning the belt.
  3. Adjust the Tension:
    • Loosen the bolt identified in the figure. This bolt usually holds the motor in place.
    • Apply downward pressure on the motor to increase tension on the belt.
    • While maintaining pressure, retighten the bolt to secure the motor in its new position.

This procedure will increase the tension on the belt, ensuring smoother operation and preventing the belt from slipping or squealing. Make sure to follow any additional safety guidelines provided in the manual while performing this maintenance task.

HW110S Drive Belt Specifications:

The belt that comes installed on the HW110S is a 330J9 gates belt available for purchase by contacting us directly or from other drive belt suppliers online. 

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