HW110LC/TC Table Saws: Belt Tensioning Instructions

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If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms with your saw such as:
  • Loss of cutting power, especially when the blade is lowered
  • Squealing/screeching, due to belt slippage
  • Excess vibration in the motor or pulley belt

The most likely cause is due to a loose motor pulley belt and applying more tension to the belt should help prevent these symptoms. 

To tension the belt, perform the following with the saw **OFF, UNPLUGGED and FULLY DE-ENERGIZED**: 

  1. Loosen the cap screw on the motor's belt tensioning point as shown in the diagram below. 
  2. Once loosened, apply pressure pressure to the motor until the belt is tight and has minimal play and then while maintaining pressure, screw in the cap screw tight to hold the tension. 
  3. Next, try starting the motor and see if there is improvement. 

If the issue persists:
  1. Please loosen the cap screw to take all of the tension off of the belt and inspect the belt to make sure the belt integrity is still good and that there is no damage to the belt. 
  2. After confirming the belt integrity, please clean the pulleys with a clean towel and a degreaser like acetone or odorless mineral spirits to make sure there isn't any grease or oils on the pulleys that could be causing the belt to slip at startup and wipe completely dry.
  3. Put the belt back on the pulley, apply tension until there is minimal play in the belt and screw in the motor tensioner cap screw to hold the tension.
  4. Start the machine and see if there is improvement. 

For HW110LC-36 Table Saws - Manual Page Link:

Table Saw: Alpha HW110LC-36(P) Manual 

For HW110TC-36/52P Table Saws - Manual Page Link:

Table Saw: Alpha HW110TC-36/52(P) Manual

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