Big Eye B-36/B-52 Rip Fence System: Sawstop ICS/PCS Installation

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The Harvey Big Eye Rip Fence System can be mounted to SawStop ICS/PCS table saws with minor modifications required. Instructions to guide you through this process, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation are included in this article.

SawStop ICS/PCS Extension Table Considerations:
  • SawStop Left-Wings are wider than Harvey Left-Wings. 
  • You will need to shift the rear rail over to the left more to compensate for this difference. 
  • The fence is wider in the front than in the back. The rear rail needs to be positioned to the left enough so that the rear clamping mechanism can not slide off of the rear rail when the slider is slid to the left bumper on the front guide rail.                              

SawStop ICS/PCS Extension Table Installation:                             

1.Create two φ10 through-holes on the front and rear guide rail mounting surfaces of the extension wooden table, positioned 29mm away from the tabletop, as depicted in Figures 1 to 4. (For the 52" extension table, it is advisable to create 3 holes.) 

Fig. 1 

Fig. 2 


Fig. 3 


Fig. 4 



2.Follow the screw installation orientation shown in Fig. 5b for the two cast iron extension wings, and for the extension table, adhere to the screw installation positions outlined in Fig. 5a.    

3. Refer to Fig. 6 and 7 for the specifications, positions, and installation details of the front guide rail screws.                    


4.Refer to Fig. 8 for the specifications, positions, and installation details of the front guide rear screws. 

Fig. 8                             
5.Inside the table, install flat washers, spring washers, and nuts, ensuring a secure lock. (Maintain a distance of 11.5mm from the guide rail's top surface to the tabletop, as illustrated in Fig. 9.)         

Fig. 9 


Fig. 10 depicts the final installation outcome. 

Fig. 10 



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