Differences Between Table Saw Model Numbers - (P)/(PG)/(TiN)/(G)

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Model Designation:

  • Models ending with a (P)/(PG) designation - Uncoated cast iron table and extensions
  • Models that end without a letter designation meaning no (P)/(PG)/(G) at the end of the model number - TiN coated; Master Rip Fence System; 40T General Purpose saw blade included
  • Models that end with (G) - TiN coated; Big Eye Fence System; BG-52 Leitz Destroyer blade included
  • Models that end in (PG)/(G) - Big Eye Rip Fence system; BG-52 Leitz Destroyer blade included

TiN Coating Benefits:

  • Helps prevent rust formation
  • Reduces friction on the table's surface
  • Offers an aesthetically pleasing gold color, as opposed to the more silver color of plain cast iron

Plain Cast Iron Considerations:

  • More susceptible to flash surface rust, especially in environments lacking dehumidification or climate control
  • Requires more frequent maintenance, including cleaning, waxing or applying Carbon Method or similar products to prevent surface rust and maintain excellent condition

TiN Coating Considerations:

  • The coating is 3-5 micron thick so proper care and maintenance and avoiding gouging or scratching the coating is needed to keep it in good condition.
  • The coating fills in a lot of the pores that are present in uncoated cast iron tables so instead of using wax products which tend to bead up and not adhere as well as they do with uncoated cast iron, use either WD-40 or Carbon Method for metal surfaces for additional rust prevention measure and for an even smoother working surface.

Overall Comparison:

  • Apart from the TiN table coating, models without a letter designation suffix and models with a (P) designation are identical in functionality and design when compared models of the same rip capacity.
  • Apart from the Big Eye Fence System and BG-52 Leitz Destroyer blades being included in place of the Master Rip Fence System and 40T General Purpose Blade, models that end in (PG)/(G - (TiN Coated)), are identical in functionality and design when compared to models of the same rip capacity and coating option ending in (P) or no letter suffix (TiN coated with Master Rip). 

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