Alpha HW615 Band Saw: Troubleshooting Not Starting When Connected to Power

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Experiencing issues with your machine not starting can often be traced back to the activation of one or more safety killswitches, which open the circuit and prevent power from reaching the motor. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to troubleshoot and potentially resolve this problem:

**Refer to the Alpha HW615 User Manual**

Always consult the bandsaw’s manual before performing any maintenance. The manual will provide specific instructions and safety warnings related to your particular model.

Step 1: Check the Emergency Stop and Safety Switches

1. Emergency Stop: 

Ensure that the Emergency Stop switch is fully disengaged. This switch can prevent the machine from starting if engaged.

2. Cabinet Safety Switches:

   - Upper and Lower Cabinets: 

Check the safety switches located in the upper and lower cabinets. These switches may not be fully engaged if the tabs on the doors are not correctly aligned. You can test these by:

     - Removing the tabs from the cabinet doors using a hex wrench.

     - Inserting the tabs directly into the switches until you hear a click, indicating they are fully engaged.

     - Attempt to start the machine.

3. Brake Lever Switch: 

Located above the brake lever, this switch must also be fully engaged for the machine to operate.

Step 2: Adjust the Brake Switch:

If the machine still fails to start:

- Check if the mounting plate for the brake switch is positioned too high. If it is, the pin may not be pushed in far enough to engage the brake's safety switch, preventing the machine from starting.

- Loosen the mounting screws and adjust the plate slightly lower so it engages properly with the foot pedal in its resting position.

- Retighten the screws and attempt to start the machine.

Step 3: Bypass Test

If the machine remains non-operational:

1. Access the Electrical Box:

   - Open the lid of the electrical box and locate the blue bypass button.

2. Safety Precaution:

   - Use an insulated object, such as a dry wooden strip, to press the bypass button.

3. Test the Start:

   - If pressing the bypass button allows the machine to start, the issue likely lies with one of the previously mentioned killswitches or the Emergency Stop. Additional troubleshooting of these components may be necessary.

   - If the machine still does not start, the problem could be related to the power supply or the contactor itself.

By methodically checking and adjusting these components, you should be able to diagnose and potentially solve the starting issue with your machine. If these steps do not resolve the problem, further investigation into the machine’s electrical system may be required.

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