Alpha HW110S Table Saw: Troubleshooting Elevation Shaft Stuck or Difficult to Move

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Important Safety Precautions:

**CAUTION:** Ensure the machine is OFF, unplugged, and fully discharged before attempting any maintenance to avoid electrical hazards.

Make sure to follow any additional safety guidelines provided in the manual while performing this maintenance task.

If elevating the table saw blade is difficult or it gets stuck, there may be a few causes for this issue. Here are some steps to diagnose and fix the problem:

  1. Access the Manual
  2. Check for debris: 

    • Sawdust and debris can accumulate under the blade elevation mechanism and cause it to become difficult to raise or lower the blade. Use a brush or vacuum to clean out any debris.
  3. Lubricate the mechanism: 

    • Apply lubricant to the blade elevation mechanism. Use a dry lubricant like graphite powder, which won't attract sawdust and debris.
  4. Check for rust: 

    • Rust can cause the blade elevation mechanism to become difficult to move. Use a rust remover to clean off any rust on the mechanism, then apply a protective coating to prevent further rusting.
  5. Check for misalignment: 

    • If the blade elevation mechanism is misaligned, it can cause the blade to bind. Inspect and use a straight edge to check for any misalignment and adjust as necessary.
  6. Check for worn parts: 

    • If the mechanism is worn, it may need to be replaced. Check for any worn or damaged parts and replace as necessary.
  7. Check for any binding in elevation shaft: 

    • The elevation shaft (#214) could be binding at where it meets with the vertical lift bolt (#216) which could be causing it to bind. Check this to see if there’s any issues or binding caused at this point. 

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