Turbo Wood Lathes FAQ: Changing the Spindle and Bearings

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The disassembly procedure for the spindle assemblies of the Turbo T-60S, and T-40 wood lathes involves several steps requiring specific tools and careful handling. Below is a comprehensive guide. For Turbo T-40 wood lathes, refer to the detailed guide as the procedure closely aligns with the larger models due to similar design principles, though specific details may vary slightly:

Tools Required:

  • Rubber hammer
  • One-piece screwdriver
  • Crescent wrench (sizes 45-52)
  • Hexagonal wrenches (3mm and 4mm, provided with the machine)
  • Spindle positioning rod (variety of tools can be used i.e. screw driver or other rod)


1. Prepare Your Workspace and Tools: 

  • Disconnect the lathe from the power source and check that it is fully discharged by attempting to start the lathe without it connected to the outlet. 
  • After confirming that the lathe does not have power and is fully discharged, proceed to the next steps.
  • Gather all the required tools. 
  • Make sure your workspace is clean and well-lit to prevent any accidents or loss of components.

2. Open the Embedded Box Door and Loosen the Drive Belt: 

  • Before proceeding with the spindle disassembly, ensure the drive belt is loose to prevent any tension that might complicate the disassembly process.

3. Remove the Spindle Lock Nuts (Two):

  • Use the one-piece screwdriver to align the teeth of the toothed spacer properly.
  • Insert the spindle positioning rod into the spindle hand-wheel hole with your left hand.
  • Use the crescent wrench to engage the slot of the spindle lock nut (thin) on the rear side with your right hand. Alternatively, the one-piece screwdriver may be used in this step if more convenient.
  • Apply simultaneous force: forward (clockwise) with the left hand and backward (counterclockwise) with the right hand to loosen the nut. 
  • Follow the same process for the front nut (thick). 
  • Due to the spindle pulley, the nuts may not completely disengage from the spindle threads, but this is expected and not a cause for concern.

4. Removal of Spindle Hand-Wheel:

  • Loosen the spindle hand-wheel tightening screw with a 4mm hexagonal wrench. Note the two positions, 180° apart, where the screws are located.

5. Loosen the Spindle Pulley Set Screw:

  • Use a 3mm hexagonal wrench for the spindle pulley tightening screws, noting the two positions at a 90° angle from each other, with two screws at each position (four in total).

6. Gently Tap the Left End of the Spindle and Disassemble:

  • Use a rubber hammer to gently tap the left end of the spindle until it exits the spindle housing. Proceed to remove all parts sequentially.
  • Take special care not to lose the key on the spindle pulley during disassembly, and note that the spindle and the two front bearings are integrated and should be handled as a single unit.

Additional Notes:

  • Always ensure the machine is powered off and unplugged from the electrical outlet before beginning any disassembly or maintenance work to prevent accidental start-up.
  • Keep all removed parts in a safe and organized manner to facilitate easy reassembly.

For specific details regarding each model or if your model has unique features not covered by this guide, refer to the respective instruction manuals or contact Harvey Woodworking technical support for assistance.

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