Gyro Air Series G-700/G-800: Advantages and Features

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The Gyro Series offers several advantages over typical cyclone units, highlighted by the features of our G700 and G800 models:

Form Factor & Portability:

  • Both models are designed for easy storage, with the G700 being compact enough to fit under a workbench.
  • Their portability avoids the issues faced with larger, less manageable cyclone units.

Dust Collection Bins:

  • The bins on the G700 and G800 are of a more manageable size, simplifying disposal and maintenance.
  • Specifically, the G800 features a bin that disconnects with wheels for easier disposal.

Filter Efficiency:

  • Both models use MERV 16 filters capable of trapping 0.3-0.5 micron particles at 99.35% efficiency, significantly outperforming typical bag systems.

Intelligent Cleaning Modes (G800):

  • The G800 includes a feature that triggers air pulse cleaning of filters based on static pressure readings, maintaining efficiency without manual intervention.

Ease of Maintenance:

  • Filter replacement is straightforward, particularly on the G800, enhancing user convenience.
  • Filters are estimated to last about 6 months or approximately 1300 hours of continuous use.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Both models are designed for energy efficiency with single-phase power requirements and a VFD that optimizes electrical consumption.

Design Considerations:

  • The G700’s motor is placed at the inlet, which may require an inline separator for larger particles.
  • The G800’s motor placement and higher horsepower make it suitable for higher volume and diverse material processing, leveraging a negative pressure system to efficiently pull dust into the machine.

Application Suitability:

  • The G800 is recommended for higher volume production environments, offering easier access to filters, automated cleaning, and better handling of various materials including fine dust and non-wood materials including metals.
  • The G700 is optimal for wood dust with varied particle sizes, designed for manual cleaning and staged particle separation, making it suitable for smaller or medium-sized operations.

Dust Separation and Collection:

  • The G700 separates particles in stages, which may lead to uneven bin filling with finer materials like MDF.
  • The G800 does not separate based on mass/size, ensuring even filling of dust bins regardless of particle size and is thus recommended for fine dust materials.

These features collectively make the Gyro Series a more efficient, user-friendly, and versatile option for dust collection in various industrial settings.

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