Gyro Air Series: Filter Life Expectancy

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Under typical conditions processing dry wood dust, the Gyro Air Series filters are designed to perform optimally for about six months if the machine operates 7 hours a day, seven days a week.

To maintain these filters effectively:

Weekly Maintenance: 

  • Conduct manual cleaning once a week by turning the red filter handles to remove any accumulated debris from both dust boxes. This routine helps maintain the airflow and efficiency of the system.

Bi-weekly Deep Cleaning: 

  • Every three weeks, perform a more thorough cleaning to ensure the filters remain in good condition and function effectively. 

If you find that the static pressure remains unusually low despite regular cleanings, it may be an indicator that the filters have reached the end of their service life and need replacement.

The lifespan of the filters can also be influenced by the type of material processed. Running kiln-dried woods like oak or maple, which typically have low moisture content, can help to extend the filter life. In contrast, processing woods with high sap content or 'greener' woods with higher moisture levels can cause particles to stick to the filters, reducing their efficiency and lifespan.

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