To install a saw blade on an Alpha HW110S, you’ll need to use the two supplied wrenches (24mm & 27mm) that comes with the saw. 

  1. Use one wrench to grab onto the arbor shaft and the other wrench to hold the nut.
  2. Loosen the nut and flange from the arbor. Set those aside and remove the old blade (if replacing or changing blades)
  3. From there, install new saw blade. Blade MUST be no larger than a 10″ diameter with a 5/8″ arbor.
  4. Ensure that the blade direction is correct (saw blade tooth needs to be facing forward)
  5. When reinstalling the flange washer, you may need to remove the pins that are located on the flange washer. In order to do this, use a metric Allen or hex key to remove the pins. Set the pins aside as these are more commonly used by the international market (such as European saw blades).
  6. From there re-install and tighten the arbor nut. Ensure that the nut is seated in the flange to avoid any issues such as vibration.
  7. Once everything is secured, turn on the machine to test.

Here is a video for reference: