The flat (blue) arm for the Chopstick Master is used for thickness planing flat pieces of blanks. This is designed mainly for Kumiko and inlay work. 

If you're wondering what Kumiko is, Kumiko is a Japanese technique for assembling patterns without the need of nails to hold the pieces together. The pieces are precisely cut to be pressed together and form different patterns! Here's a video demonstrating the use of the flat (blue) arm using the original Chopstick Master Gen 1 (CSMv1).

Tips & Notes: 

  • The Chopstick Master Gen.1 has a Japanese saw blade for helping make some of the intricate cuts for Kumiko (as seen in video. If you don't own the Chopstick Master Gen 1 (CSMv1), then you can still perform the same task by making a jig to hold the blanks and make the same cut (similar to a miter box). 

Link to our YouTube video: