Compass Roller Guides RG-1/RG-2 FAQ: When should I use RG-1 instead of RG-2 or vice versa?

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The RG-2 and RG-1 roller guides are designed to enhance woodworking safety and precision but cater to slightly different stock sizes. The RG-2, being taller and equipped with an additional set of rollers, is better suited for handling stock ranging from 1/16" to 4". This makes it ideal for providing robust kickback resistance and guidance for larger materials. On the other hand, the RG-1 is optimized for smaller stock sizes from 1/16" to 2", making it a practical choice for those frequently working with thinner materials.

When choosing between the two, consider the type of stock you commonly use. For mostly square stock where kickback resistance is a priority, selecting the model that provides the best support for your material size is crucial. 

Additionally, specific scenarios may dictate your choice. For instance, if you're working on a router table shaping the rabbet of an L-shaped molding, and the molding's lip facing the rollers is shorter than the RG-2’s minimum height, the RG-2 might not effectively grip the molding. In such cases, the shorter RG-1 would be more appropriate due to its lower minimum height requirement.

Furthermore, cost considerations may influence your decision. If your projects typically involve stock smaller than 2", you might find it more economical to purchase multiple RG-1 units, especially if these guides will be used on dedicated machines for specific tasks.

The choice between RG-1 and RG-2 ultimately depends on the specific requirements of your projects, including stock size, machine type, and the specific features of the workpieces you handle.

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