Below are the sizes of the plates or bases for the Harvey Products:

Because the MB-600 Mobile Base is rated for 600lbs and the 4HP HW110S-36/52 models are 582lbs/623lbs respectively, it is not recommended to use the MB-600 with the HW110S-52. For 4HP HW110S-36 the weight rating is just under the max weight rating for the base and if cutting heavy stock or planning to add the Shark S12-S or Compass Router System, these would overweight the base for this model and would not be compatible.

If adding on additional accessories to the saw or working with heavy stock, these will add extra weight that can surpass the weight rating of the mobile base so make sure to take into account any factors that may add additional weight and only use the MB-600 to support 600lbs or less.

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For the MB-600 instruction manual, please refer to the link below: