Compass MG-36/MG-36PRO Miter Gauges: Micro-Adjust Knob Installation

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If the adjustment knob for the flip stop is coming unthreaded and not properly adjusting the stop back and forth as it should, adjustments to the set screwBelow is a detailed guide on how to securely fasten the silver micro adjustment knob (Part#854) to prevent it from becoming loose.

Step-by-Step Guide to Secure the Silver Micro Adjustment Knob

Step 1: Securely Attach the Silver Knob

Start by fully screwing on the silver micro adjustment knob.

To ensure it doesn't move while you're making adjustments, grip the knob with a pair of joint pliers or secure it in a vise. To protect the knob's surface, use padding such as a soft cloth, or if available, use a wood vise which offers a gentler grip.

Step 2: Tighten the Set Screw

With the silver knob held firmly in place, use a hex wrench to tighten the set screw (Part#853) found at the end of the knob. This set screw acts as a jam nut, which should prevent the knob from unintentionally unthreading when the adjustment is reversed.

Important Note: Prevent Shaft Over-Tightening

As you tighten the set screw, ensure that the entire shaft does not rotate along with the knob. If the shaft tightens along with the set screw, it can cause excessive pressure that squeezes the adjustment shaft and knob too tightly together. This undue pressure can lead to binding in reverse motion, causing the knob to unthread and come loose during use. It is crucial to keep the knob stable and prevent it from causing the entire shaft to tighten while you secure the set screw.

Final Check and Test

Once the set screw is adequately tightened, release the knob from the pliers or vise and test the adjustment to ensure it moves smoothly and stays secure.

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