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which fasteners where?

Received my 52" 4 HP table saw, two packs of bolts, no idea which fasteners to use where.  Tried doing the math insofar as if there are "x" amount of holes for whatever, see how many of "y" fasteners there are in the bag and maybe that's what goes there?  

any help here?

thanks - 

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Hello Karl, 

You may have already completed the assembly, but here is some information that explains which bolts are used for the 52" Rail and Extension table from the included rail hardware. The images below should help to clarify which bolts are for the front and which ones are for the rear as well as for the extension table legs.

Here is the exploded view diagram of the 52" Rail and Extension Table with the part numbers listed for reference:

The image below shows the bolts and hardware for the front rails on the left and the rear rails on the right. The front rail uses part 608 Hex Bolt M8-1.25x40 shown below on the left. The rear rail connects using part 613 Cap screw M8-1.25x35. Please reference the exploded view diagram and the image below.

The following screw shown in the image below is part 616 Pan HD screw M8-1.25x35 and is for fastening the extension table legs to the large phenolic extension table on the far right side of the table and each leg uses two for fastening to the extension. 

Please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-211-0397 if you need any assistance.

Have a great day!

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