Here are the instructions for changing the belt on your table saw:
  • Ensure that the power cord is disconnected from the power source to prevent accidental activation of the saw.
  • Lower the blade completely and open the motor cover on the right side of the saw as shown in Fig. 33.
  • Loosen the hex cap screw that secures the motor and raise the motor fully to remove tension on the V-Ribbed belt. Once the belt is loose, roll it off of the pulleys.
  • Install a new V-Ribbed belt onto the pulleys, ensuring that it is properly seated and aligned.
  • Raise the motor to tension the V-Ribbed belt, then tighten the hex cap screw securely. Apply some downward pressure on the motor while tightening the hex cap screw. 
  • Close the motor cover and repair panel.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the power source and test the saw to ensure that the new belt is properly installed and functioning correctly.
Remember to always exercise caution when working with power tools and to follow all manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines.
Link to video for changing belt for HW110LC: